Nursery Policies for The Club at Harper’s Point

The nursery staff uses special stickers to identify children with specific food allergies. Please notify nursery staff upon check-in if your child has a food allergy of which they should be aware. Thank you for your assistance in keeping our nursery a safe and healthy place!

To ensure the good health of our children and staff, all parents are required to wash their children’s hands upon entering the nursery. Please do not bring sick children into the nursery. Do not let your children bring money (coins) into the nursery. Any child doing so will have the coins taken away for safety reasons. Please have your child’s name on all diaper bags, cups, bottles and snacks. Please do not bring any peanuts or peanut products of any sort into the nursery. Any peanut snacks will be taken away until the child leaves the nursery. Thank you for your understanding of these policies as they allow us to maintain a safe and enjoyable nursery environment.

Caring nursery attendants have proven to be one of The Club’s greatest assets and our “Harper’s Kids” look forward to their visits.