Blog Post #3: Fitness Obstacles and How to Combat Them

Blog Post #3: Fitness Obstacles and How to Combat Them

Fitness Obstacles and How to Combat Them

Per my last blog, I mentioned a few fun ways to work out that don’t “feel like a workout” and I loved hearing the positive feedback and results from readers! Now, let’s delve into what makes it so hard to stay consistent with a fitness regime.

What is the biggest obstacle that messes with our fitness regime?

Well it’s hard to say which obstacle is the largest. All of us lead different lives and have different reasons that we find it difficult to get our fitness in. Mommy’s have different obstacles than the working girl, but I have been speaking with a lot of my friends and I have found a couple of similarities when it comes to what gets us stuck.

Problem: Time
Time Time Time. Where does the day go? You go to bed the night before and have your whole day planned out start to finish, including your workout. Then life happens and unexpected items jump onto your To Do list and before you know it you are falling asleep and have missed yet another day of working towards your fitness goals. Repeat. It is hard to find the time to go get in a workout, especially if you are busy with the kids or working a full time job…or both. Where can you squeeze in a quick sweat session and still get all of the days tasks completed?

Solution: Fast and Efficient workouts in blocked out times
Well there is no quick fix when it comes to time. We can’t add a few more hours in the day, or rewind and start the day over. What you can do is block out some “me” time and get your workout in. First establish if you are an early bird or a night owl. This will help you decide when it is easiest to squeeze in your workout. I, for example, am an early bird. I do much better with a quick workout before work than forcing myself to the gym after dinner. Everyone is different! There are a lot of quick and easy workouts that will only burn up only an hour in your busy day!

HIIT: High Intensity Interval Training
Can’t make it to the gym or the tennis court? Do a quick body weight workout in the living room while your food is in crockpot or your kids are taking a nap. HIIT is a great option for an in house workout with no equipment needed! Try out some of the HIIT workouts on Pinterest or on the web. What is great about HIIT is that most of them you can knock out in twenty minutes, and you need no equipment but yet still get a great workout! You can pick how many times you want to run through the circuits and can challenge yourself to do them a few times a week! Finding workouts that are fast and fun with tangible sets to accomplish really helps you stay engaged!

This activity requires literally no equipment. Set your alarm an hour earlier than you usually do and force yourself up and out the door for a brisk walk or run. Your body will be charged with an immediate burst of endorphins and you will have much more energy throughout the day. Start small and work up with distance and pace. Your body will adapt to the extra pace and mileage if you ease into it and stay consistent.

Have at least an hour? Grab some friends and hit the courts. You can get a crazy intense workout on court with some singles practice or a fast-paced clinic like Cardio Tennis. Challenge yourself to never stop moving your feet to increase the difficulty of your workout. Even in between points, stay moving. Can’t find a friend to hit with? The ball machine is an incredible workout. One, it doesn’t miss and Two, you can crank up the interval and speed as fast as you would like!

Problem: Consistency
You start out on January 1st and you are doing great. You ate a healthy breakfast, hit the gym and took a long evening walk after work. Things have started wonderfully and you are keeping up with your New Year’s Resolution to lead a healthier lifestyle and workout more. Fast forward a few weeks and you are off the rails again. You find yourself scarfing down a burger on the way home from work, completely exhausted and the last place you want to be is the gym or the courts. It’s looking like you will try again next year. Sound familiar?

Solution: Block out Scheduled Sessions
They say that a habit is formed in 21 days of consecutively doing an action. But sometimes it is hard to stay consistent with working out when life gets in the way and no day is the same. Mindset is everything. If something is important enough to you, you will get it done. Make your health and wellness a priority. Block out periods of time during your schedule. If you miss a day, It’s okay. Hit it extra hard the next day! Give yourself multiple windows to find time! Early mornings and later at night after work are great windows! Mentally preparing yourself the day before and setting a schedule will help you stay consistent.

Problem: Lack of Confidence
So you haven’t hit the gym in awhile. You walk in and  feel immediately like you don’t belong. Everyone else looks like they live there. You look at the girl to your right squatting like a pro and you feel out of place. Are they staring at me? I bet they can tell I don’t usually come here. You pack up your bag and leave. You instead try a more solitary workout and go on a run. You still are feeling discouraged by your fitness capabilities after being unable to complete a mile and you give up. You decide that the feeling of disappointment is not worth the effort expended.

Solution: Stop Comparing Yourself to Others!
The quote is true: “The expert in anything was once a beginner”.  Do not let your lack of ability or feeling “out of shape” stop you from progressing towards your goals! Comparison is the thief of joy! So your mile time is closer to a 5k time and you can’t squat more than your body weight… So what! Set realistic goals for YOUR fitness level and keep at them! You will see improvements even if they are small! Set goals to challenge yourself, not to play catch up with others!

I hope these solutions help you tackle your fitness goals and inspire you to keep at it! No one is perfect and effort and mindset is truly everything! You got this!

XOXO Tennis Girl

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