The Club at Harper’s Point Tennis Clinics and Round Robins

A Clinic is group instruction with a pro on an assigned day and time of the week. Players are assigned to clinics by ability level. Clinics run one day a week and a minimum of four players are required per session.

A Round Robin is an organized social match played on an assigned day and time of the week. Players of equal ability may play either singles or doubles. A minimum of four players are required per session and Round Robins are open to tennis members only.

Please note that payment must be made in full at the time of registration. Pro-rating will only be allowed when registering after a session has begun.

A minimum number of players are required per session with a maximum number of eight players.

Activities, Round Robins, & More:

Please see below for a current schedules for Mixed Doubles, Tennis Flex & Fit, and the Minor Leagues. For more information on activities available to our full Club members please click here.

Please contact our Activities Directors fo more information:
Heidi Meyer – Ladies’ Tennis Activities
Kristi Hayes – Ladies’ Interclub Coordinator
Eric Maclin – Men’s Tennis Activities



Beginner/Instant Tennis

Brand new to tennis or has had very little experience.

– Controlled movement– Basic strokes
– Building a rally– Introducing a basic serve
– Understanding game concepts

Advanced Beginner – 2.0/2.5

This player has limited on court experience, can hit a forehand with reasonable consistency in a controlled situation but needs work on all strokes & serves.

– Improving all strokes– Developing a consistent serve
– Directional hitting– Rallying with consistency
– Playing doubles and/or singles

Intermediate – 3.0/3.5

This player can sustain a rally and understands game concepts. Can get the serve in with reasonable consistency but still has obvious stroke weakness. Beginning to understand doubles teamwork.

– Lengthening strokes– Adding power & pace
– Volleys & coming to the net– Better understanding tactics

Advanced Intermediate – 4.0

This player has improved stroke dependability & more directional control but still lacks depth & variety. This player is more aggressive at the net & is developing teamwork in doubles.

– Adding power, pace, depth & accuracy– Developing a consistent 2nd serve
– Introducing underspin– Transition game
– Aggressive doubles play

Advanced – 4.5/5.0

This player has dependable strokes & has begun to master the use of power & spins, has sound footwork, can control direction & depth of shots, is beginning to vary game plans according to opponents. This player has a dependable 1st serve & can place the 2nd serve.

– Aggressive net & doubles play– Varying strategies
– Refining power, pace, accuracy– Refining use of underspin
– Improving 1st & 2nd serves– Handling pace