Blog Post #2: Working out without Feeling Like You Are “Working Out”


Working out without Feeling Like You Are “Working Out”

Child’s Play

When we were little, we would  “workout” constantly. Nearly all of us played some kind of sport and attended practices and games daily. Whether it was dance, swim team, soccer or softball, we were a part of something.  By the end of the game we were covered in sweat and filled with an overwhelming sense of satisfaction, hardly even noticing the amount of effort that we had just expended! We would run around outside until the lightning bugs came out or the dinner bell rang. We would play in the creek, run through the woods and go exploring. We were in constant motion with zero conscious effort. Why was that? Well of course we were surging with the abundant energy associated with being a kid, but also our mindset was different.  We weren’t sitting there counting reps, trying to hit a certain heart rate, or watching the miles go by on a treadmill. We were in the moment. We were trying to score, focus on the ball, on the dance, on our teammates, on a game of tag. We weren’t working out for the sake of working out or to move the number down on the scale. Our only thought was to have as much fun as possible. Our goals were different and THAT was the difference.

Fitness Goals:

Immediately what comes to mind? Getting your bikini body ready, losing ten pounds, getting rid of stomach fat, burning off those love handles, toning up your legs? Sound familiar? STOP. These are goals that will only create a mundane, boring fitness regime that will be impossible to stick to. Change up your mindset and create goals that will foster a fab and fun fitness routine! These goals will look different for everyone, but here are a few ideas.

Play a Sport:

Almost every community has adult league play to enjoy. Consider joining a tennis league, softball league, a volleyball league, a soccer league, a basketball league! The opportunities are endless! My sport of choice is tennis! Not only is it nearly injury free due to its non-impact nature, but it is a great workout! Sure lobbing the ball back and forth looks easy, but try using your whole body and really hitting out on the ball while running side to side! You will be sweating in no time! Another great benefit of tennis is that you can play it your entire life and it is easier on your body than a contact sport!

Getting into tennis is easy, and Harper’s has a really great crash course for beginners! It is called Instant Tennis and it is a three-week session and by the end you the class you know all of the basic strokes and how to play points!

Join a Fitness Class:

So you aren’t the sporty type? That’s fine! Fitness classes are a great way to workout that is fun and interactive! They are motivational because you have an instructor to keep you going, and they also hold you accountable! You start to make friends in your classes and they will be texting you to get your butt to Barre on Friday! The great thing about a fitness class is that you are surrounded by other people with similar goals that are pushing you to keep up! The energy in the room is contagious and with the music and atmosphere, you will hardly notice the time go by! There are plenty of fitness classes to try out ranging from HIIT cardio training to yoga! All are a great way to get active! Mixing and matching fitness classes helps you stay engaged!  Check out some great group fitness classes at Harper’s, my home-base.

Workout from Home:

Do a quick body weight workout in the living room while your food is in crockpot or your kids are taking a nap. HIIT is a great option for an in house workout with no equipment needed! What is great about these is that most of them you can knock out in twenty minutes, with little or no equipment and you still get a great workout! You can pick how many times you want to run through the workouts and can challenge yourself to do them a few times a week! Finding workouts that are fast, fun and from the convenience  of your home really help you stay motivated.

Getting Outside:

People think that they need to go on a trip to go exploring! I guarantee there are plenty of parks and hiking trails twenty minutes from your home that you haven’t been to! Put on some sneakers and get going! Hiking and walking is a great way to stay active and get fit! If you have the physical capability, try taking an hour walk a day and even add some intermittent jogging!  Go before work, after work, take your dog, take a friend and get outside! You won’t feel like you are exercising and your body will thank you!

My next article will feature some of the biggest obstacles that are blocking us from our fitness goals and solutions to overcome them!

Stay Tuned!

XOXO Tennis Girl

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